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I played through the game in English but now Daphne is speaking Russian and I don't know what she wants. framtidensindustri.se There's. Witch Trainer RE F released! by Dron · 20th Witch Trainer Russian Edition F. *Complete *Finished and edited English translation. I switched the version to English and it worked fine up until I was .. framtidensindustri.se

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At the beginning the number of tasks will be limited. It says English, but all you have to do is to replace the English sentences in files with the sentences in the language of your choosing. It is independent from tutoring or training storylines, so you can finish the game without entering it at all or just doing them all at once. Her mood won't stay good for long, even if you don't upset Hermione, it will soon change to neutral. I was playing 1. If you drink with Snape on a regular basis more than 40 times at last he'll start to trust you and share his secrets. It's easy to get a girl's ending - just read the book and always pick the same menu option.